The Readers and Writers Workshop provides one-on-one language arts tutoring for students of all ages.
Using a cognitive training approach developed by Workshop director, Shandel Gilbert, Ph.D., we improve the language skills of a wide range of students, from first graders to grandmas. We help remedial students to become able readers. We teach advanced skills to students who are already high-achievers. Our students with dyslexia become effective readers and writers! The Gilbert Method creates success in every lesson.

Why should I choose The Readers and Writers Workshop?

Improved self-confidence! Better grades! College Prep! Career advancement!

In just 20 sessions, the average Workshop student improves 1 years in reading comprehension. These results are valid and reliable because we use nationally recognized standardized reading tests to measure our students' achievement.
Workshop students make such rapid progress because our programs are designed to develop the potential of each student. When a new student enrolls at the Workshop, he/she is given a thorough assessment so that we can create a detailed plan of action for academic success. All students receive continual testing as they master skills and concepts. Our students are achievers.

To learn how the Workshop can help you succeed, call the office at 412-421-1895 or email Dr. Gilbert at
The Readers and Writers Workshop
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